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NEW 31.01.2024 News / Products

UNIQA Group launches HUB for International Programmes

  • The UNIQA Group launches a HUB for International Programmes in Poland, which will be a competence center for 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe where the insurer is present
  • Its aim is to standardize the offer for multinational companies insuring their operations within international programs and leverage UNIQA Poland's longstanding experience in this field.
NEW 28.01.2019 News / Products
UNIQA Capital Markets Weekly

UNIQA Capital Markets Weekly

The dilemma of the ECB continues

  • Leading survey-based indicators send warning signal for Euro Area business cycle
  • ECB leaves monetary policy stance unchanged. Risk for growth are tilted to the downside
  • Additional long-term refinancing operations (LTRO, TLTRO) would be a signal though imperfect tools to address a growth slowdown
NEW 11.07.2017 News / Products
Andreas Kößl

One drone seldom comes alone: UNIQA Austria launches drone-liability-insurance

  • Current projections: in 2017 1,550 new drones will be authorised
  • Annual premium for new drone-insurance lies at 75 respectively 60 euro
  • „With the new product we are closing a risk gap that is brought about by the  technological progress, Andreas Kößl, member of the Management Board of UNIQA Austria, is delighted
NEW 26.06.2017 News / Products
Andreas Kößl

Not using mobile phones when driving saves up to 50 per cent on vehicle premiums with UNIQA

  • UNIQA Austria is updating the SafeLine tariff for vehicle telematics and making Austria’s roads safer
  • Not using a mobile phone when driving can save up to 50 per cent on annual net premiums for vehicle third-party liability
  • The SafeLine app offer additional services such as a logbook and a car finder
NEW 11.10.2006 News / Products

UNIQA LIFE now also launching a life insurance company in the Ukraine

Joint company of UNIQA and Credo-ClassicImplementation of the Preferred Partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Aval is the priority for the coming months UNIQA and the sixth-largest Ukrainian ...

NEW 05.10.2005 News / Products
Flexible Car Insurance

Flexible Car Insurance with Basic Fee and Price per Kilometre

Global Positioning Satellite combined with mobile phone network and IT

Global Positioning Satellite combined with mobile phone network and IT The prices for petrol are getting higher by the minute, but car insurances might become cheaper soon. The ...

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